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In my body
even which one of so many my organs
doesn't stay long
at last ceases to exist or
only disappears just at all.

The youngage, too, does
even love at one time
seems to be likely to exist forever but
slips and slips out of away slowly
eventually becoming sand
be pushed and only the loneliness is stacked.

Again and again only the ruining beings
are flooded here and there so that
the relationship to meet once in this world is
how much importantly it is choosed and how much precious it is
just only from now be aware of it a little
now the crying of bird far away is
coming into my mind and melting my heart with surprise.

melting my heart with surprise.



I know immediately that the translation of a poem is just killing it but I would like you to receive my sincere mind to transfer the poetic mood to you